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About Our Organisation

Welcome to Indigenous Climate Change (ICC)


Indigenous Climate Change is an innovative collective of Indigenous Environmental Scientists and STEM professionals, dedicated to empowering Indigenous communities through climate adaptation strategies. Our diverse team, hailing from various backgrounds and disciplines, collaborates closely with communities across Oceania to develop sustainable solutions to climate challenges. Indeed, one of our team members was the 2020 Queensland Women in STEM winner for her work in climate adaptation.

Our mission is rooted in a deep respect for both traditional Indigenous knowledge and contemporary scientific methods. By merging these perspectives, we create dynamic, culturally informed climate strategies that are responsive to the unique needs of each community we serve.

Key to our approach is the belief in the power of collaborative effort. Our team, comprising environmental scientists, educators, community engagement specialists, and engineers, works in unison to address the pressing and widespread issues arising from climate change – such as water depletion, bushfires, flooding, and biodiversity loss.

Based in Queensland, Australia, we extend our reach across Oceania, ensuring that our efforts are not confined to a single region but are spread wherever they are needed. We prioritize creating culturally safe environments where families, Indigenous scientists, and local stakeholders can collectively contribute to and shape their future.

At ICC, we are committed to fostering resilience among Indigenous peoples by combining traditional knowledge with scientific processes. This synergy is at the heart of our long-term climate adaptation strategies.

We extend our knowledge-sharing to all First Nations people, from saltwater to freshwater communities. Through our diverse team's expertise, we aim to empower your community, aiding you in adapting to changing landscapes and building resilience for the future.

Our journey is one of continuous learning and adaptation, driven by the stories and experiences of the communities we work with. Together, we strive to minimize future climate-based issues and ensure sustainable living environments for generations to come.

Join us in our commitment to a resilient future shaped by science, tradition, and the voices of Indigenous communities.

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