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Climate resilience is only possible

 when the community is included

Services: Services

Climate Education Sharing

Expert Guidance, Culturally Embedded, Wholistic


Creating a culturally safe space to discuss science-based issues with Indigenous communities and non-scientists​

Knowledge sharing through presentations and discussions with Indigenous communities

Presenting climate change adaptation protocols for various industries including health, fisheries, housing, education, agriculture, subsistence foods and culture.

Social Risk Assessment

Utilising Indigenous, Local, Scientific & Engineering Knowledge

Identification of emerging issues in relation to climate change facing Indigenous Australian people through

in-depth research, community discussion and scientific testing

Cultural inclusion in

Disaster Risk Management

Analysis of infrastructure plans to determine future needs of climate adaptation

In-depth reporting of potential climate change needs to Elders and community members

Stakeholder Engagement

Bringing Everyone Along For The Journey through Inclusive Co-Design

Climate adaptation planning inclusively co-designed with Indigenous community members

Consulting with governments, universities, and businesses to discuss best practices around climate change

Providing ongoing communication avenues for continued engagement with Indigenous communities

Post-Research Program Advising

Government Guidance


On-call and accessible advisory team to continue ongoing adaptation protocols after the climate change group leaves the community

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